Brexit Services


As a result of the proposed exit of the United Kingdom out of the European Union during 2019 there will be an enormous uncertainty about the new rules and regulations as regards the provision of goods and services to clients on the continent, more specifically since the Withdrawal Agreement has not been concluded yet.

The transition period will presumably be up to 31 st December 2020 but nevertheless we assume that you may wish to anticipate, since there is a fair chance that the United Kingdom will be opting for a hard, no-deal Brexit whereby EU law is no longer applicable.

Portland Partners is equipped to service you with a foothold in the Netherlands, securing your (legal) presence in the EU thus neutralizing any possible adverse consequences of Brexit.

We will provide you with a Dutch legal entity, which will give you access to all the EU benefits, whereby we render full business support for such entity.

We are able to get you an NL IBAN bank account and will handle all your administrative issues, including - but not limited to – the day to day administration, the bookkeeping, the interim and trial balances and statutory annual accounts and any fiscal obligations your company may face.
In this respect it is very convenient that our offices are located at Amsterdam airport Schiphol.

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