Portland Partners wishes to conduct business in a conscientious manner within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with a focus on:

  • The commercial development /growth of our company. After all, if an organisation has no commercial right to exist, it cannot provide any added value;
  • Guaranteeing the continuity of our company and of the financial sector as a whole;
  • Promoting the personal development  and growth of our people by facilitating Permanent Education;
  • Showing respect for the legal and ethical environment in which our company operates, more specifically: acting in line with compliance & integrity, regulations & supervision and client acceptance policy;
  • Demonstrating social engagement by supporting one or more civil society organisations and/or initiatives.


On the basis of the aforementioned principles Portland Partners wishes to contribute to improving the wellbeing of people and environment. In particular we aim to help increase respect for the financial sector and to improve the financial sector in the broadest sense. “It is not rules that trust companies need more of, but instead more values”.

In conclusion Portland Partners is always examining within Corporate Social Responsibility where and how we can add value to our company, our people and our sector.